Improving SME lending by banks

Providing solutions to banks for SME lending

INBONIS delivers a digital lending experience between banks and SMEs with SME-specific tools that improve efficiency, accuracy and transparency while introducing diverse and differentiated data sources.

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to improve your SME lending

Empowering SMEs with information

Free Credit Reports for SMEs

The efficiency of REFOCAL® allows INBONIS to offer Spanish SMEs a free credit report based on the Bank of Spain’s “Informe Financiero PyME” (Banco de España circular 6/2016)

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Trusting SMEs with capital

Working capital loans to Spanish SMEs

INBONIS provides short-terms loans to Spanish SMEs using REFOCAL® and INBONIS Rating.

INBONIS also provides other financial entities (including banks and alternative lenders) with SME analysis as a service.

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Raising awareness of the challenges between SMEs and large institutions

Whitepaper: Innovation to improve SME financing

INBONIS engages in research and content creation to raise awareness of the challenges facing SMEs and to galvanise action and collaboration towards solutions.

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