Our secret sauce: REFOCAL®

Refocal® finds, extracts and analyzes structured and unstructured data, leveraging complex statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms. All our solutions have our Refocal® technology embedded.

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We solve a big problem

We focus on solving the problem of MSMEs access to finance by developing our best in class credit risk engine, credit tools and apps to gather proximal data and to make better credit decisions. The result is lower cost, faster and more accurate MSME credit assessment.

MSMEs are key economic agents contributing to economic development and job creation. According to the World Bank, MSMEs have an unresolved problem to access finance, and are largely underserved by financiers.

40% withno accessto financeCredit gapof 2 trillionsdollars500 millionmicro and smallenterprisesSource: World Bankbig-problem-en