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May 18, 2021

“We decided to share our ratings to reinforce the confidence of our ecosystem”

Emmanuel Poidevin

Hello Emmanuel, can you introduce us to your SME?

We are a software company based in Massy in the Essone region in the heart of Paris Saclay. Our team of 25 compliance professionals supports our public and private clients in the continuous assessment of their third parties.

What are the 3 highlights in the history of E-attestation?

It’s hard to choose, but I’ll mention our first client (the Carrefour Group), our first public contract (with Ugap) and without doubt our first complete files on international third parties. It’s a bit old (12 years already) but these are still special moments…

What objectives have you set yourself?

To always remain true to our values: work hard & be nice to people.

“Periodic evaluations based on balance sheet ratio analyses are not relevant to know the solidity of partners and in particular SMEs, especially in the current context: analyses of past year data tell us nothing about current and future difficulties.”

What has been the impact of the covid-19 crisis on your business? And how do you think it will affect your growth in the short, medium and long term?

We are not to be pitied in the sense that our organisation and our business have enabled us to set up business continuity in remote working very quickly, and not to resort to national solidarity mechanisms so that they benefit the organisations that need them most.

We support our clients in their business recovery and enable them to manage their risks, particularly with regard to third parties in difficulty and payment fraud. We enable them to meet two particularly important objectives in difficult times: compliance and productivity.

Why did you voluntarily subscribe to a public rating by INBONIS Rating?

We were evaluated in the framework of the LMBO financing we just completed and were able to discover the relevance of the audits and the need for trust from our partners. We then decided to share our assessments by committing ourselves over three years to strengthen the trust of our stakeholders and our ecosystem.

What do you see as the role of INBONIS Rating (current or future)? What are your expectations?

Periodic assessments based on balance sheet ratios, when available, are not relevant to know the solidity of partners and in particular SMEs, especially in the current context: the analysis of past year data does not tell us anything about current and future difficulties. We expect this type of audit to develop and to extend to extra-financial dimensions, particularly concerning sustainable governance.